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All about insoles!

We are proud to announce our new wool insoles! In this article we would like to explain a little of why we created this accessory

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Social Responsibility- Keeping a Conscious Stock

Keeping a controlled stock is a conscious choice for us, both as a small company and a socially responsible one. It is true that we chose not to overstock for many reasons . Big stock requires a big storage place and an equally big team. While we prefer a conscious and organic growth, also spending just the ressources really needed is one of our core vision and values.

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Keeping it cool with Linen shoes

Using Linen was something we always wanted to do because we are very aware of its amazing properties – it absorbs liquid easily, thus drying quickly, has a cooling effect and it is quite strong and sturdy, which makes any garment or shoes crafted from this material highly durable.

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The hopes and challenges of a Zero Waste Shoe

In a perfect world, a barefoot shoe made almost entirely from natural materials like Mukishoes would have a “cradle to cradle” life cycle, which would start in Nature, then go through the transformation process to make the parts and the finished product, be worn for as long as possible and finally returned to Nature or to the industry so the process can start all over again.

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Last Friday we closed our office an joined the strike of students “fridays for future”. Worldwide more than 4 Million people were on the street

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Travelling is one of our biggest passions. Being in Mexico and hearing about the Raramuri culture inspired us while researching for a name for our

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Our vision

The experience of working in the textile industry gave us some insights of how harmful this industry is for our environment. Mass-production is not only

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Welcome to the MUKI blog

Welcome to our Blog, we are Madlen and Marta, the founders of  the sustainable barefoot shoe MUKI.Here we will update you about our productions, inspirations

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