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All about insoles!

We are proud to announce our new wool insoles!

In this article we would like to explain a little of why we created this accessory as well as how to use it, by answering frequently asked questions.

What are insoles?
Simply put, insoles are a separate piece of material – in this case, wool – which can be placed inside of your shoes to enhance the fit, comfort and even the shoe’s properties.

When do you recommend insoles?
You can use insoles for a number of reasons, but we especially recommend ours to regulate the temperature of your foot inside the shoe. Wool creates a thermal barrier that keeps the cold (and also excess heat) from reaching your feet. If you have low volume feet you can also add insoles to get a better fit. They are also fantastic for someone transitioning into barefoot shoes, they soften the impact while walking.

Which models do you recommend insoles for?
We recommend you to purchase them if you live in a particularly cold climate and you choose a shoe that features a thinner cotton flannel lining, for instance, like Chelsea Cork, as these lining fabrics while cozy, may not be warm enough for you.


Do you need to size up to use insoles?
As always, this depends on how you like your minimalist shoes to fit as well as the model you choose.
With Winter models, we usually recommend sizing up to accommodate socks and a thicker lining, so we would recommend it for insoles as well. As for other models, you should only size up if the shoe’s insole measurement is very close to your own or you already own a pair that fits snuggly.

Do you have plans to release vegan insoles?
Yes, we have launched our Cork Insoles as part of the SS21 collection. They are now available in all Grown-Ups and Kids sizes.

Do you still have questions? You can leave them in the comments below so we can help you.

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