Above, you can find the size and conversion chart for your Mukishoes.
This chart includes most common sizes including European, UK and US conversions, as well as the insole length.

Note that the insole length is the size of the insole, not the final size of the shoe. We recommend adding 0.5cm to 1.5cm to your measurement in order to find your actual shoe size.

Mukishoes run true to size for most people, especially barefoot shoes users, so you can start with your usual shoe size as reference, but measuring is the best way to ensure the closest match possible.

To measure your foot, place a ruler or measuring tape in a straight line from your heel to your longest toe.

If you don’t have access to the necessary tools or prefer to find your size in a different, tried and true way, you can print out the fit kit in the link below and follow the instructions to find your true Mukishoes size.

Shoes are handmade with different materials which behave differently. While the insole sizes are the ones in the size chart/finder, no two pairs are exactly the same and variations of 2-3mm can sometimes happen.

Please download Grown-ups and Kids’s size finder below.



Note: this fit kit is meant for an A4 sheet at 100% scale, so please adjust your printer and paper setting to ensure best results

If you still have insecurities or questions about sizing feel free to contact us!

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