Your new MUKISHOES arrived - Yeah!!

Before they are ready to join you in all kinds of adventures, we suggest reading the following:


Before the first use we recommend using the Mukishoes Waterproofer, not only to make them ready for wet walks, but  also to protect them from dirt. Using it regularly maintains the protection layer. Be aware that the waterproofer can slightly darken the colors of the fabrics.


If your Mukis got dirty, we suggest brushing the dry dirt off. Afterwards, you can give them a gentle hand wash with lukewarm water and soap or our Mukishoes Cleansing Foam.

Please do not dry them on top of a heater and try to avoid direct sunlight, so as to maintain the original colors.

Do not wash them in the washing machine, nor tumble dry.

Before the first use we recommend using the Mukishoes Leather Balm, not only to make them ready for wet walks, but also to protect them from dirt. Regular use maintains the protection and keeps the leather smooth.


Leather is best cleaned from rough dirt with a brush. Afterwards you can clean them with a damp cloth and stains can be scrubbed. When they are dry, reapply the Leather Balm to keep the Leather smooth.

Do not wash them in the washing machine, nor tumble dry.


Cork is our uncomplicated material. It doesn’t need any water repellent treatment as cork is naturally hydrophob. Nevertheless, we recommend treating the sole stitching with our Waterproofer


Any dirt gets cleaned easily with a damp cloth. Do not wash them in the washing machine, nor tumble dry.

Our Burel has natural water repelling properties, due to the presence of lanolin, dense weaving and felting of the wool.

Dry dirt is best scrubbed off with a brush and after that you can scrub stains with a damp cloth. To refresh the natural protection you can spray them with lanolin. 

Do not wash them in the washing machine, nor tumble dry, do not use the Mukishoes Waterproofer.

Do not dry them on the top of a heater and avoid exposure to direct sunlight if possible.


Transpiration is a normal process that affects the whole body and, as we all know, feet are no exception. Even if it’s a natural way for our bodies to detox and balance the temperature, sometimes it may come with some unpleasant side effects.

Those who love to wear Mukishoes as a second skin, without socks or insoles can be prone to the accumulation of transpiration over the course of several days and that might cause funny smells.

We recommend spraying them regularly with our Odor Eliminator, which has a neutralizing effect and doesn’t just cover the bad smells.


Feet are as different as People.

We try our best to make the most versatile shoes possible and all of our models are unisex. 

Still there are Millions of feet out there and all of them are different.


MUKISHOES are usually very adjustable, due to the use of laces (cotton or elastic). If you have a high instep, try loosening them as much as possible. If you still find it difficult to enter, we recommend leaving the last eyelet of the booties free.

Here’s a short video on how to do just that for the elastic laces:

And here are the instructions on how to open and close our new stopper (for the elastic laces):

If you have low volume feet, we recommend adding a Cork Insole or a Wool Insole

As well as adjusting the laces tight.

Please note that all materials tend to stretch slightly.

Cork is the one stretching less. Wool and Leather get softer with use and tend to stretch a bit.

Cotton, Linen and Hemp do become very soft with time and due to use, fibers start to soften and loosen a bit.


If, by accident you got a pair, which seems to be faulty, please submit a ticket on our website with attached photos of the issue.


(Please note that photos bigger than 3MB cannot be uploaded).

Our Customer service team will get back to you and find a solution that suits you.


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