Your Mukishoes take you to many places and great adventures in life, which can make them a cherished companion for years.

While we design our products with longevity in mind, we understand that you might notice some signs of wear over time, so we would like to offer you a solution to prolong the life of your minimalist shoes.
If you feel that you have worn out the soles of your Mukis and it is time for them to be replaced, we can offer a resoling – sole replacement – service for our customers in the European Union.
To acquire this service, please fill in  your information below and attach some pictures of your shoes to arrange the sole replacement.

*Please note that the sole replacement can take up to 4 weeks from the time we receive the shoes, except during August and Christmas time, when it can take up to 6 weeks.

*Total cost estimated for this service is around 30 Euros.

*This service includes the sole replacement only. Other issues may be discussed through our Contact page or performed by a local cobbler.

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