Hi! We are Madlen & Marta, the founders and designers of Mukishoes.

When we conceived our brand in 2018, our goal was to create healthy and minimalist shoes that looked great and were entirely made of natural materials.

We launched our brand through a crowdfunding campaign which was successfully funded in the beginning of 2019. A few months later, we opened our own online shop, which allows us to send our shoes to every part of the world.
Knowing that most children are born with perfectly healthy feet, but the use of often narrow and constrictive shoes impairs their development, with only about 30% of them maintaining their foot health as grown-ups, we have expanded our range of styles and sizes with Mukishoes Kids in 2020.
With a growing brand and duties, we felt like it was also time to expand our team, as we were no longer able to handle all aspects by ourselves. By now our team consists of 8 people, not to mention all of our partners from production to distribution, who contribute to bringing our shoes to you.
Since then we have kept working hard to find the best materials and designs for our shoes, for the environment and for you!
Meet our Team!
We are the people who get your Mukishoes from sketch to your feet, always working to give you the best possible help and experiences.
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