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What is my Mukishoes size?

What is my Mukishoes size?

The Mukishoes team has received questions from customers about Sizing since our launch, and while we are always happy to answer them, we keep looking for better ways to help you find your perfect barefoot shoes.

With our new website, we have redesigned and updated our Sizing guides and measurement methods, both for Grown-ups and Kids, but there are many other tools and techniques you can use.

We use and recommend the following two methods for finding your ideal minimalist shoe size.

Method 1 is using our Size Finder, which we have designed and made available to download for free on our website.

You can watch a short video tutorial about using this tool to find your or your child’s size in minutes.

Method 2 is for those who don’t have access to a printer, or prefer the DIY way. Here’s how we do it.

What is my Mukishoes size? Step 1:
Place a paper on the floor next to a wall. Stand on the paper and place your heel touching the wall.




What is my Mukishoes size?Step 2:
Mark with a pencil the point of your longest toe.




What is my Mukishoes size?Step 3:
Draw a straight line from heel to toe and measure the line.
This is the length of your foot (you can do both feet, as left and right can be different)



Step 4:What is my Mukishoes size?
Add a minimum of 6mm and maximum 1,5cm if your feet do not grow anymore. For kids with growing feet we advise adding a minimum of 1,2cm and maximum of 1,7cm to the feet length.



What is my Mukishoes size?Step 5:
Compare with our size chart, where we have the length of the insoles and pick your size.



There methods work for us, but we know many people in our community have experience measuring their feet accurately in different ways, so you are welcome to share your method in the comments or on social media.

No matter what method you choose, please remember that many other factors influence shoe sizing, including the materials used for the outer layer and lining, which may behave differently than others relative to stretching, for instance.

If you still have questions, we are here to help, as always – feel free to leave a comment or submit a ticket so we can help you.

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