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Prolonging the life of your shoes

For us at Mukishoes, Sustainability is one of the main priorities and we are happy to see that our customers have become increasingly interested in long product life cycles and circular fashion as well.

For these people, knowing if their shoes can be repaired once they start to wear out, or if the materials are biodegradable makes all the difference between making an investment on minimalist footwear or not – and they are right to ask these questions, because they lead to more environmentally and economically conscious decisions.

We always make the biggest effort to source the best materials and workers so that we can provide long-lasting barefoot shoes that stand the test of time. 

However, depending on your level and types of activities, the original life cycle of your shoes may be shortened prematurely, due to factors like sole abrasion, for instance.

So after about 3 years on the market, the Mukishoes team has made the decision to take a step forwards into prolonging the lives of our minimalist shoes with a new service: Resole.



How does Resole work?

This program is for those who have well worn Mukis that they are not ready to part with, whether it is a classic shoe or a limited edition style that they would like to continue wearing in the future..

Since our natural rubber soles are very thin, we understand that they can show signs of wear after intensive use, so we are offering to exchange those soles for a small fee so that you keep that beloved pair of natural barefoot shoes instead of throwing them out to buy a new pair.

For the moment, this program only includes sole exchanges, not full shoe repairs, which we encourage you to have done at your local cobbler to save time, money and reduce carbon emissions. For similar reasons, we can also only offer this product to customers in the European Union for the most part.

If you’re interested, you can apply to have the soles of your beloved Mukis replaced at our workshop in Portugal by our expert shoemakers starting in August 2021. Newly resoled shoes should return to you in about one month during regular season, ready to start a new life!

We are counting on you to help us create not only natural and healthy barefoot shoes, but also make more conscious decisions for the economy and the environment, both present and future.

If you have any questions about our new program leave us a comment and we are happy to respond :

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