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Discover why barefoot walking is wonderful and healthy

Walking barefoot is a wonderfully satisfying practice which has been gaining popularity worldwide in recent years.

If you are curious about or new to barefoot walking, here are the reasons why so many people have become fans:

  • Our brain and feet have a direct connection, as the foot possesses thousands of nerve endings, making it a vessel for our sense of touch. These endings communicate information like soil texture, temperature, humidity and other characteristics, allowing our whole body to adapt. When this sense is awakened, you become more aware of your foot placement, posture and center of gravity. That improves your balance and avoids injuries. 

  • Increasing the mobility of your foot muscles and nerves also stimulates your blood flow, which in turn improves the circulation in your lower body. This can help reduce cold feet over time, as well as prevent varicose veins.

  • The human foot is a complex structure made of 28 bones and 30 joints, as well as more than 100 muscles, ligaments and tendons that have to be strong enough to support our entire body. Every single one of those parts needs to be activated by movement in order to stay healthy. Strengthening these muscles, some of which become completely unused in modern footwear, will help you build a reliable arch and have a positive effect on your bone structure.

  • Having your toes, particularly the big one, unrestricted, is also very important, as straight and strong toes are essential for body balance. Maintaining a healthy and adequate range of motion is also paramount for preventing the development of foot deformities.

  • Finally, but certainly not less importantly, the lack of a heel will naturally influence the distribution of weight in your lower body, thus restoring your natural way of walking or gait, which should in turn also have a positive effect on your posture and the way you carry yourself. 

Beyond health benefits, one great reason to kick your shoes off is the pure feeling of freedom and satisfaction that you can get while walking on wet sand, warm rocks or fresh grass or even feeling the cold of the snow.

Minimalist shoes provide some benefits of barefoot walking

There might be circumstances when you are not allowed to walk barefoot and for that minimalist shoes, such as Mukishoes are a great compromise between cushioned soles and actually being barefoot, because they protect us from potentially dangerous environmental elements while allowing the freedom and most of the benefits of walking barefoot.

We have created a shoe that has a wide toe box and follows the natural shape of a healthy human foot and we used 3.5mm rubber soles that are completely flexible in all directions as well as flat, with no heel to toe difference.

Freedom and health are, along with sustainability, core values that we hope we can all share.

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