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Minimalism: Having less clutter and more balance

Spending time at home in Spring has advantages like getting your house in order and maybe reconsidering all of those items you keep and accumulate in your closet and cabinets over the years, but aren’t in fact needed or even much appreciated anymore.

That is the essence of a Spring cleaning – to declutter your life, let light in and find room you didn’t even think you had in your living space.

Our society has always had the tendency to hoard things, whether they are mixed pieces of family history or impulse purchases that some of us make with a specific occasion in mind and never get used again once that occasion or time has passed.

It is when we start spending more time at home that we are confronted with these items, either because we are looking for something else that we can’t find, because we don’t have enough space to perform an activity or simply because we are trying to tidy up and the pile of things to sort out seems endless.

Those are the times when we remember all of those articles and videos online about living a minimalist life and almost decide to throw away our entire closet or sell a storage unit. 

Minimalism isn’t, however, about renunciation or living with no belongings at all. It is a philosophy that should teach us and guide us to focus on what really is important to us, both physically and spiritually.

Minimalism isn’t just about space and objects either. It is about learning to manage our time and activities to achieve a good balance in our life. We tend to fill our agendas and planners completely with work, events and social activities, but we forget that we need time for ourselves besides sleep. Taking a minimalist approach means cutting back on excessive activities that take time away from us and don’t bring enough personal enjoyment and value.

It is not just our social calendar that is interfering in our “me time”, though. Our gital devices: computers, phones and digital services are always calling for our attention, whether it is because we feel compelled to take pictures of our every waking moment, have tasks to fulfil, messages and email to catch up to or even notifications from games that we are supposed to play every single day.

We need to learn to rethink what we have and what we value most –  physical, spiritual and digital – so we can really focus on ourselves, our surroundings and the people we love. 

You might ask yourself:  is living in an empty space the aim of minimalism? Of course not – all of us need possessions, something that makes a space ours and helps us get through the day, functionally and emotionally. We are instead talking about clearing out the excessive clutter in your mind and reality, so that you can find your focus, balance, lightness and calm.

We opted for a minimalist, almost plain design when we developed Mukishoes because it eliminates clutter, works well with every kind of style and outfit, and it is unlikely to go out of fashion quickly.

We believe that less shoe can make a better one, so we apply minimalism to our designs.

Most of all, our barefoot shoes are minimalist in their thin soles, which are a key feature and have a number of health benefits, including helping to correct posture and strengthening muscles, as opposed to heavily cushioned soles that are meant to protect your body but instead make your steps heavier. For us, having less of a shoe means having a better shoes.

Those are not the only reasons, however. We designed our shoes to help you achieve health and freedom through nature and movement. We identify that message and image with a clean design, which has become our trademark.

We know how hard it can be to let go of things, especially if they have been with us for a long time, but sometimes that can be more liberating than you think. What you need to keep in mind is that objects may go, but the memories you made with them will stay

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