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HEMP – Nature’s gift of Strength

Mainly known for the use of ropes and often confused with drugs, hemp is quite a versatile plant whose utilisation is vast – you can eat the seeds, feed animals and even build houses, weave textiles and much more.

While the first reports about the use of hemp come from Ancient Asian Civilizations, this natural fiber is also closely linked to the history of Portugal, its agriculture and the textiles used for the sails of discovery ships. 

When we started developing the first Mukishoes we went to see weavers in Portugal and asked for hemp fabrics. We heard many times that they couldn’t weave the fibers anymore as they are  too demanding and rough for new looms.

The answer we will never forget was when Marta once called asking for hemp fabric and  they replied, entirely shocked that this product is illegal. 

We laughed at that time, but it is sad to think that what was once a common fabric is now rare, unknown and misunderstood.

Let us tell you why we love hemp so much.

Hemp is a natural, plant-based fiber, which means it can be grown without damaging nature, causing waste or cruelty, since it needs less water than other crops, even enriching the soil instead of exploiting it.

Hemp fabric is fantastic not only for the environment, but also for you, as it is resistant to abrasion and can be a long lasting fabric.It is also permeable to humidity, antifungal and antibacterial, which are all great benefits in footwear, because they help  preventing athlete’s foot and embarrassing cases of smelly feet.

Strong as ropes - our barefoot shoes with hemp fabric.

The hemp we use for manufacturing our minimalist shoes is grown, processed and woven at a Romanian family farm, which allows us to bring the best barefoot shoes to you in the most conscious way.

This is why we love hemp. Are you with us?

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