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Social Responsibility- Keeping a Conscious Stock

We get asked quite often when this or that model of Mukishoes will be coming back or restocked, especially right after launching a new collection but also in between seasons. 

But while we are quite happy and grateful for the high demand our barefoot shoes have been driving, keeping a sustainable stock becomes more and more of a challenge as the brand grows. While we adapt orders to our manufacturer to the demands of last season, we are caught in surprise for some models that sell out quicker as we imagine. 

Keeping a controlled stock is a conscious choice for us, both as a small company and a socially responsible one. It is true that we chose not to overstock for many reasons . Big stock requires a big storage place and an equally big team. While we prefer a conscious and organic growth, also spending just the resources really needed is one of our core vision and values.

Making conscious stock orders allows us to only spend the resources that are necessary to make the shoes that we are actually going to sell, limiting our deadstock and the waste of natural fabrics, materials, energy and human resources.

It also allows our manufacturer, which is a small business like ours, to work at their own pace, respecting production quotas and fair working conditions. More than that, caring about quality not just quantities allows us to work with a small, familiar manufacturer, thus supporting other small and local businesses like ours, instead of moving our production elsewhere, where shoes need to travel long distances.

Finally, we need to keep in mind that these shoes are handmade by real people.

We are all giving our best from designing and placing the order, up to our production Team in Northern Portugal and also our logistic Team, which works hard on getting the ordered shoes as quick as possible to you. This year was special in all its aspects and we still feel challenges ahead, so we thank you for your patience and collaboration also to express where we can improve! 

Mukishoes are not just us the team: it is you that makes it possible!

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