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Last Friday we closed our office an joined the strike of students “fridays for future”. Worldwide more than 4 Million people were on the street to fight for their future. The Global Climate Strike week goes on and the coming Friday there will be strikes in several cities in Portugal.

While UN’s leaders gather to discuss the Earth’s climate emergency the world has been making its voice heard. In all Continents, people have been joining forces in an Global Climate Strike, in which they demonstrate their distaste for the calamities brought on by the industries that move the world’s biggest economies. What started with students got already now more support from a variety of people requesting political actions. Politics can make rules and restrictions, but we have to overthink our consume behaviour – reduce, reuse and repair. Specially the textile industry is problematic, it is one of the most polluting industries in the world.

Also in Portugal the textile industry is one of the economy’s driving forces, and while it may not be a big polluter, some companies’ old-fashioned practices certainly contribute the country’s emissions. Water pollution and plastic waste in the ocean are just a small part of it. We see it as our task as a company to make the change and demand from factories to change their behaviour and ways of production. If we fight together for different conditions they will break up old structures.

Nature - fresh air, clean water and rich earth is already a rarity.

Walking barefoot is the best way to connect with the Earth and feel its breath of life. However, if Nations continue to pollute as they have thus far, the Planet’s last breath may be upon us soon. One of the reasons we make minimalist shoes is that they allow you to connect to our environment and leave a positive footprint both in the country side and the city.

Thinking of the environment and health drives us to select natural, organic and local materials. Fair working conditions and not only respect for nature also respect for human resources is part of our policy.

Moreover, we can guarantee that all the materials used to construct our minimalist shoes are either natural or recycled, such as rubber and cotton, and non-toxic processes are applied, such as dying fabric with GOTS certified pigments.

If you believe in change, as we do, join the nearest demonstration or post a picture of your Mukis with the hashtag #mukiclimatestrike to join the movement.

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