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You were running wild and got your Mukishoes dirty and now you ask yourself how to clean them?

Textile shoes seem to be more difficult in care than for example leather, but in fact there are some basic tricks and they will be clean again.

To preserve your shoes for a long time we do not recommend putting them in the washing machine.

What do I need?

  • A scrubbing brush

  • Rag

  • Natural soap


Let’s get started!

  • Let your muddy shoes dry. Never try to the clean them wet, as most of the time we scrub the dirt into the fibres.

  • Scrub the dry dirt off your shoes. You will see most of it gets already off the shoes.

  • Take a wet cloth and remove spots.

  • In case of persistent spots use a natural soap and give them a gentle hand wash. Rinse the shoes with clear water.


  • Skip the dryer and hang them in a dry and shady place.

Ready for new adventures!

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