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Our vision

The experience of working in the textile industry gave us some insights of how harmful this industry is for our environment. Mass-production is not only polluting our waters, oceans, air and lands it is also disrespecting the people, who are behind the creations.

It is a remarkable that 20% of the water pollution is caused by the textile industry and even more shocking, EcoWatch magazine published an article stating that ‘the clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world … second only to oil’.

The need for transparency and consciousness is becoming more important than ever and MUKI want to be part of this growing change. We have created a healthy comfortable shoe, which have the following guidelines:  

  • Natural textiles (using hemp, linen, cotton)

  • The leather used is solely from EU without chromium

  • Natural rubber soles or recycled rubber

  • Minimum use of water-based glue

  • Dying the textiles with less water and GOTS certified (no GMO pigments)

  • In the case of the water repellent models we use just natural waxes and resins

  • Fair production conditions in Portugal

  • Materials and Suppliers from Portugal or EU 

Ethical fashion is respecting nature and using the resources that are really needed without over producing, limiting the amount of wastage.

Being respectful with the environment and with yourself, feeling free, not suffering from movement restrictions and stepping away from allowing fashion to condition your body.

Having the possibility of regaining strong feet muscle and a healthy body structure just by walking barefoot or with barefoot shoes is part of our mission.

In the whole production and research process we are continuously learning a lot and we are very aware that there is still a lot more to know and to improve. We will promise not to lose our curiosity and our selective view to achieve our goal in consuming less and being more conscious!

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