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Welcome to the MUKI blog

Welcome to our Blog, we are Madlen and Marta, the founders of  the sustainable barefoot shoe MUKI.
Here we will update you about our productions, inspirations and visions.

Nature as inspiration.

Since more than one year we’ve been working on the creation of our shoes. It was not always easy and demanded patience, not only from ourselves but also our partners and producers. Our knowledge and our experiences as textile designer, artisan shoemaker, dancer, yogi, nature lover and traveler were our working base. But for realising our dream, we needed many more hours of head braking and intense research, discussions, conferences with supporting physiotherapists and osteopaths, sleeping over it and redoing to come to the point we were satisfied.

Sustainable and organic materials are the base for the Mukishoes.

We have many demands, which we are not willing to compromise – we want a healthy and unisex design shoe that is produced with sustainable materials and in a fair way. Sounds good, yes and feels good too! But not always easy to achieve…

After experiencing on our own, that mass production means disrespect, pollution, destruction and lies, we fought for our goals and are happy what we achieved.

Resistant textiles woven on old looms.

Portugal offers a handful of traditional family businesses in the branch of the textile and shoe production. We knew from the beginning that this familiar and friendly environment would be the ideal for the development of our shoe.

barefoot not just in the sand - whenever you can - for a healthy body structure!

Most of our free time we spend outside and sense nature, while also enjoying a social urban lifestyle. The need for barefoot shoes doesn’t just come from the love to put our feet as direct as possible on the ground. Also the experience of suffering from severe knee pain, because of lack of supportive foot muscles, directed us to spread the benefits a healthy designed barefoot shoe.

The Mukishoes barefoot shoe can be your perfect mate in the city.

We plan to launch our shoes in September this year in a presale.
We are always happy for comments, suggestions and constructive critics.
Stay tuned!


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