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Travelling is one of our biggest passions. Being in Mexico and hearing about the Raramuri culture inspired us while researching for a name for our shoes. We were greatly impressed by their ability for long distance running with minimal shoes.

The Raramuri or Tarahumara are a group of indigenous people from America living in the state of Chihuahua in Mexico. Running is deeply rooted in their culture, like the running for 24 hours, which is the symbol for the turning earth around the sun. Together with their daily life running routines, they are one of the most healthy people, with balanced eating habits even with their hard living circumstances.

Doing up to 300 kilometers barefoot or only with the use of a traditional form of minimal footwear called huaraches, which is like barefoot running.

What finally gave birth to our name is that in their language Rarámuri refers specially to the men, meaning ‘the ones who can run fast’ and the women are called Mukí. Even though the MUKI shoes are unisex, still we are two female founders!

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