Being barefoot is natural and healthy. From the time we take our very first steps in life, walking barefoot builds and strengthens the muscles in our feet, having a positive impact on our entire body structure.

Yet, social and environmental circumstances do not always allow being barefoot.
A good barefoot shoe simulates the feeling of walking barefoot and provides some of the same benefits, while protecting the feet from injuries.
This makes Mukishoes a healthier alternative to the ususal stiff, hard and restrictive conventional footwear for kids and grown-ups.

Due to the 2.5mm (kids) 3.5 mm (grown-ups) thin, but protective sole, the foot can feel the different types of ground that it steps on. This stimulates the peripheral nervous system, as well as the reflex zones of the foot, increasing general health and well-being.

Our sole profile is designed to perform well on diverse grounds.

No drop from heel to toe to allow a forefoot strike, the natural way of running barefoot.

Long-term problems, such as knee and hip pain created by incorrect running postures can be avoided.


Mukishoes wrap around your feet instead of shaping them. The wide toe-box follows the shape of a natural healthy and muscular foot.

A wider shape guarantees straight toes, giving them space to spread while walking.

Body balance will be improved.

Our shoes use materials that are very light, with one shoe weighing just 182 grams (size 41 – grown-ups) 120 grams (size 30 – Kids), for an unrestricted barefoot-like feeling.

The sole is flexible in all directions, with no movement restrictions.

This allows the muscles to be worked out in a natural way.

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